What’s Next?

What's Next?

Payments & Work Flow

Easy 2-Step Payment Process (I accept all major credit/debit cards*, cash, check, or money order):

  1. 50% is due when we sign contracts
  2. Final 50% is due on the last day of the job
  3. *All Credit/Debit Card Payments are made via my Online Square Store and are subject to a 3% convenience fee. 

Work Flow – What happens after your submit the contact form?

Below is an general outline of each step taken in any given project I work on:

On-Site Consultation Within 48 hours

We will work together at the pace you set! If already know and/or have exactly what you want, or if you need guidance, I will take the time to be clear on your needs and expectations. From there I will set realistic goals and means to achieve the goal of your project.

Official Quote with Dates

You will receive a detailed quote that is valid for 30 days (quotes can be valid for longer on a case-by-case basis, but may require a fee).

SIGN CONTRACT/INVOICE AND PAY 50% RETAINER (in person or online) [View a Sample  Documents]

Once we have come to reasonable and clear terms, then it’s time to push paper! Well I guess not, since I prefer to use an all digital communication platform to save trees, time, money and most importantly is just as legally binding as paper. For projects under $2,000 you will be emailed a detailed invoice, and for bigger projects you will emailed a more formal contract due to Oregon Construction Laws, specifically for lien laws.  In either case, both us will digitally give our consent and proceed with the project ASAP, and this will allow you to cancel a contract via email, up to 3 days after agreeing (supplies might be subject to a restocking fee).

1st Day of Job and Project Checklist [View a Sample  Documents]

 Show up with all the supplies for the job. Setup my tools and be sure to prep your house so all construction dust and debris is minimized and easily cleaned up.

Photos at every critical point throughout the project.

Ensures ability to claim manufacture warranty and gives you piece of mind all the appropriate steps were followed. These vary from job to job, but will be clearly marked in your project’s flow chart. Also, these can serve as a photo journal of the transformation your house underwent!

Last Day of Job Final 50% Due

Provided that I have met (and hopefully exceeded) all your expectations, final payment is due. But this isn’t goodbye, or at least I hope note. Every client will given the ability to login to this website and post reviews, pics and comments about their project. Furthermore….

Every Project will receive a follow up in-person inspection 1-year from the date of completion!

Sample Project Documents

Backsplash Project Overview – Sample

Shower Invoice Sample
Shower Invoice Sample

Estimate Sample
Estimate Sample