Mission Statement & Core Values

Business Mission Statement

Establish lasting relationships with clients through a professional, yet personal, approach to project management by building trust with clear communication and reliability with outstanding performance.

Core Values


I understand you need help with a project, and I understand everyone is on a budget…PERIOD.

I will respect your time, money and home as if they were my own. I am professional, but also personable. My goal is start off with a handshake, and end with a hug! Can provide a verified Criminal Background Check upon request.


I do the bids, and I do the work. No job is too small and I WILL NEVER take a job to big.

If you choose me, the job might be done slower than a larger outfit, but it will be done in a more hands-on and patient approach. You get my undivided attention and a well organized approach that focuses on all the fine details! When you call me, it’s me talking to you. When you fill out my contact form, it’s me that is responding.


This is more than a value to me, it is a way of life, so naturally its the way I do business:

  • All the products I purchase are LEED certified
  • Clients are encouraged to shop at RESTORE
  • All usable products from jobs are donated to Habitat for Humanity
  • All waste that is produced is sorted and recycled appropriately when applicable

Business Background

Don’t think of me as new, think of me as Fresh

I officially started Aaron J. Martin Construction DBA in May 2017, and is the first step of a larger plan to have a company with employees, but for now baby steps. I chose a DBA business structure to give confidence to my clients that I am willing to put my name on everything I do. Beyond my license, bond or insurance I make a personal promise to professional manage your project and bring it to life!

As a new business I have a limited portfolio that I welcome you to view. I also have pictures from jobs I have done for past employers, but  I believe it is disingenuous and a conflict of interest to post them on this website. However, I can provide examples for this work and references upon request.

When you hire a contractor you don’t just “want the job done”.  You want the job done by someone you can trust to let into your home, show up on-time, complete the project on-budget and to work meticulously to make sure the work is done right and looks great the first time.